application for idobuckets

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application for idobuckets

Post  idobucke on Wed May 06, 2009 7:23 am

Character Name- idobuckets
Character Class- druid
Timezone- eastern
Current Spec and why? What do you feel your current build contributes to the raid?- boomkin... cause its OP. i has IFF + moonkin aura and all that other gud stuffs
Professions- herb/ench
Armory Profile-

Computer Stability, Internet Connection/Reliability- AAAMAAAZINGGGGGGGG (mac book pro, 4gb of ram, on board nvidea geforce somenumber graphics card). cable internet, i got rogers (for those of you in canada) reliable.

PvE Experience. Describe your end game raiding experience at 60, 70 and 80.- vanilla pro tank (35k health was alot back then) did all the big stuff, MC, Onyxia etc. etc. during BC i did SSC Kara and Mag oh and TK! WoTLK --> content = JOKE

Former guilds, and why you left (Details Please)- Ebola, its falling apart, the core members are leaving because SCRUBS are being invited to the guild. also i was deemed a lootwhore when i won the Torch of Holy Fire (cause they wanted healers to get them first) <-- ilawled

Why us? Describe your reasons for applying.- UR GUD (on a serious note, i have heard the RwO reputation, and i have seen the progression :] )

What do you enjoy most about raiding with the class that you play?- "see the boom spammin' moon" -- except i dont spam moonfire cause that's bad Smile. but i enjoy the big crits, and the deeps

What percentage of raids can you attend, within our raid schedule? (Tues-Thurs, 7:30-11:30PM PST) Would you be willing to raid a little overtime during progression nights?- 100%? and yeah i dont care about overtime.

Would you be willing to change your spec for the progression of the guild? if you give me the gear to make it happen sure Smile

Due to the initiate process, class attendance, and raid makeup changing based on the encounter, can you handle being sat out and/or rotated in and out of the raids? - sure..... i guess. (also if there's rotations, make more groups!)

What are the expectations and goals for your character? - get BIS gear? is that not everyone's reason to raid?

I was referenced by (Details Please)- N/A

Additional Comments-
its 3:22am. i took this partially seriously. i mean, im a serious applicant. but the answers couldve been a bit more mature.


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Re: application for idobuckets

Post  idobucke on Wed May 06, 2009 7:25 am

the armory link didnt post..


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