Application: Druid - all specs geared - Borninhell

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Application: Druid - all specs geared - Borninhell

Post  Borninhell on Thu May 21, 2009 4:42 am

Character Name- Borninhell
Character Class- Druid
Timezone- EST
Current Spec and why? What do you feel your current build contributes to the raid?- Currently feral but about to switch my spec back to boomkin so you can inspect it :p As boomkin other than my DPS and MotW, the most benefiical aspect of boomkins to the raid is the increased spell crit my spec provides, especially for mages and warlocks.
Professions- 450 Alch / 450 Herb
Armory Profile- Link at bottom of app or just armory my name. - Borninhell

Computer Stability, Internet Connection/Reliability- 32bit Windows Vista, AMD Turion 64 X2 TL-60 2.0GHz dual core processor, 4gb RAM

PvE Experience. Describe your end game raiding experience at 60, 70 and 80.- started playing 2 weeks before BC came out. In BC i raided Kara/SSC/TK/Hyjal on my paladin and priest. My druid is currently my only 80 but ironically last to 70 and never saw any of those raids. In WotLK I have cleared all 10s/25s up to Naxx as well as FL/XT/Ignis/Razor/Kologarn/Auriaya/Thorim in 10m Ulduar and Flame Levi in 25m Ulduar. Know the first 4 25m Ulduar fights just was never in attendance for a successful guild clear of XT/Ignis/Razor.

Former guilds, and why you left (Details Please)- Originally a member of <knights of the gods>, left them because they were not making any raid progression and still have not started 25m's. Moved to <Ironheart Brighade> which recently changed names to <Constant Carnage>. Looking for a new guild because of the difficulty of getting into Ulduar groups.

Why us? Describe your reasons for applying.-Your guild has progressed further into Ulduar than mine currently and seems more promising in gaining a raid spot whereas in my current guild if you were not part of the core group from the start, you don't get into any raids.

What do you enjoy most about raiding with the class that you play?- I enjoy the versatility of druids. I can play any role in game and be most beneficial to the raid because of this. I enjoy healing the most with boomkin being my second favorite although I do not dislike any spec, it leaves feral as my "least" geared .

What percentage of raids can you attend, within our raid schedule? (Tues-Thurs, 7:30-11:30PM PST) Would you be willing to raid a little overtime during progression nights?- Can make all raid times the only thing that would conflict is my work schedule which rarely occurs that late. Raiding after the scheduled times will not be a problem.

Would you be willing to change your spec for the progression of the guild? Always willing to change spec for raids, especially with the introduction of dual spec.

Due to the initiate process, class attendance, and raid makeup changing based on the encounter, can you handle being sat out and/or rotated in and out of the raids? - Being rotated in and out of raids is no problem, can always fall back on PuGs as depressing as they sometimes can be just as long as I see a raid every now and then :p

What are the expectations and goals for your character? - Goal is to get the most HPS/DPS/TPS that i possibly can as well as gain the best possible gear to help me achieve these goals.

I was referenced by (Details Please)- Karyn, spoke with in game after seeing her message in trade chat.

Additional Comments- Outside of raiding I'm looking for a social interactive guild, no offense but if you're all a bunch of emos that raid in silence, then please do me a favor and delete this post before you cut yourselves :p

Armory Link:


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Re: Application: Druid - all specs geared - Borninhell

Post  karyn on Thu May 21, 2009 11:46 pm

an officer will contact you in game!

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