Application: Einleizer - lock

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Application: Einleizer - lock

Post  Einleize on Thu Mar 12, 2009 7:16 pm

Character Name[/b]- Einleizer
Character Class- Lock
My spec is- 53/0/18

Link your armory here-

Age- 23

Raiding experience- I have raided everything except for OS+ 2&3 drakes.

Former guilds, and why you left (Details Please)- I have been with inquisition since they started early into wotlk. I was top caster dkp and could get anything I wanted but recently they have had very poor raid attendance which resulted in no raiding for 2-3 weeks. I gave them some time to recruit and try to get back on a regular raiding schedule but nothing has happened. It has turned into an alt/social guild and that’s not what I what I want. I am still currently in the guild but am looking to leave.

Why I want to join your guild (Details Please)- I talked with one of your members and what he told me about the guild is exactly what I am looking for: 1 night naxx clears, 1 night maly/OS, and the other night used for anything that wasn’t cleared. Tues-Thurs are the only days I can raid so your raiding schedule works out perfect.

My current play times (Which Days, Hours?)- The only times I do not play are Fri-sun and Monday nights. There are some upcoming events that I would like to discuss with an officer and not in a public forum.

My goals for my character (Details Please)- well until ulduar comes out there is really nothing that I need. I just want to be in a guild that will be able to progress into ulduar which my current guild will not.

I was referenced by (Details Please)- the name of the guild member that told me about your guild was Kassabell. I”m assuming he was an alt because he was 74.

Comments:(list any other comments you would like to add)- If you are interested please message me in game or send me a mail so i can talk to my guild leader and leave on good terms. I am great dps, I know how to play my character I have no alts, I have been playing my lock for 2 years and love it. Thanks for your consideration.


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Re: Application: Einleizer - lock

Post  Critikill on Thu Mar 12, 2009 7:49 pm

Application approved, trialed. Thread Closed.

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