Paladin tank.

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Paladin tank.

Post  Hellig on Mon May 11, 2009 12:00 am

Character Name-


Character Class-




Current Spec and why? What do you feel your current build contributes to the raid?-

Tank, also gearing for healing... Why? I don't find DPS to be all that satisfying, I like the idea that its me vs. the raid boss.



Armory Profile-


Computer Stability, Internet Connection/Reliability-

- I seldom lose connection, or crash but, I mean everyone does at one point or another. Its a rather rare occurrence for me.

PvE Experience. Describe your end game raiding experience at 60, 70 and 80.-

-60 ZG-full cleared, MC-Full cleared, AQ20-Full cleared, AQ40-Full cleared, BWL-Full cleared, Onyxia-killed...Never did Naxx40
-70 Completed all raids with the exception of BT and Sunwell.
-80 Full cleared on Naxx(not with this guy, with my DK: Mortaneous), well versed in all encounters... Not much Ulduar experience...

Former guilds, and why you left (Details Please)-

Nothing of notoriety on this server, I transferred here from Elune to play with real life friends, but they got into heavy raiding guilds and well, they didn't need me.

Why us? Describe your reasons for applying.-

I'm looking for a non fail guild that can actually raid, I needed to PUG most of my raid gear that I have atm, the guilds that I was in previously, either didn't work together, there was too much drama... or they were simply a combination of that and undergeared... as a tank I know the importance of gear and when you get a bunch of 1.3k dps level 80s in Naxx... you wont be beating any enrage timers...

What do you enjoy most about raiding with the class that you play?-

I'm going to keep this concise, I like paladins.

What percentage of raids can you attend, within our raid schedule? (Tues-Thurs, 7:30-11:30PM PST) Would you be willing to raid a little overtime during progression nights?-

Probably a good 95%, I can't promise 100% because.. well, life is life.

Would you be willing to change your spec for the progression of the guild?

I'm going to be tank and healer offspec... Doubt you would want me to spec dps.

Due to the initiate process, class attendance, and raid makeup changing based on the encounter, can you handle being sat out and/or rotated in and out of the raids? -

lol... I used to raid in 40 mans.. I know what its like to sit out.. Answer: yes.

What are the expectations and goals for your character? -

Progression. I'm less interested in gear than I am in actually seeing and learning the content.

I was referenced by (Details Please)-

Forget... Sorry, spoke to him/her last night and said I should app on the website.


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